Outlook (2003/2007/2010)

Microsoft Outlook is one of the leading business email communication platforms. We are proud to have built a plugin that seamlessly allows you to check the tone in your email as simply as you spell check. The solution is light weight and works in the email composition window. ToneCheck automatically detects the tone in your email as you type, no need to click anything!

Requirements: Outlook 2003 or later
Windows XP SP3 or greater
Active Network Connection


Emotional Insight

More than 200+ emotions! ToneCheck analyzes the root emotions to your message, giving you more clarity as to what someone might feel when they receive it.

Roaming Profiles

Roaming profiles mean that when you're on the road, you can use ToneCheck™ with any other machine and it will know your settings and still know your communication style.


Private and secure. 256 bit SSL Security. Zero data persistence for peace of mind. We're Microsoft Hosted on Azure, so it comes with all their beefy security.

Personalized Thresholds

Alert on send. ToneCheck™ learns how you communicate. If you're having an off day - it will alert you on your tone to make sure it's what you intended!

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